Mission to Armenia 2021

The church of Christ Plants International team will be heading to the Capital city of Armenia in June of 2021.

Yerevan, the capital of Armenia is where we will be setting our aims at this year as the city boasts approximately 1.5 million residents. Bill Stewart, met some brethren while we were in Ukraine in 2019 that were from Yerevan. The couple spoke of the people from Armenia and touted that this would be a great place to plant the Lords church. 

Covid-19 has really slowed us down in sowing the seeds of the gospel in the world over the past year. In March 2020, we were in Brazil on a church plant and had to leave after only a short time due to flights in and out of the country being cancelled. This, of course, left us feeling that we were not being utilized. The fire has now been lite again as we have received word that Armenia has lifted their travel restrictions. In June of this year we will travel to this country and meet with students wishing to study English, using the Bible as our text. Of course, the end goal would be to teach them the gospel and with open hearts and minds, be responsive to the message.

Please pray for this upcoming effort that many souls may be added to the kingdom of God.