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Dear brethren,

            How would you like to help me take the Gospel to a nation where there is no known church of Christ?  God has made an opportunity available to us in locations around the world, which currently does not have the church and are in desperate need of the Gospel. Some of these locations are: Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia (1.3 million), Vijayawada, India (2.5 million), Chisinau, Moldova (1.5 million), Mendosa, Peru (1.5 million), Mendosa, Argentina (150,000), 100’s of cities in Mexico, Canada, and the United States.

            In 2014 I had the blessing of being a part of sowing the seed in the country of Mongolia. Bill Stewart, Michael O’Brien, Luis Camacho, Chance Abston, Tom Langley, and I went to Mongolia with the intention of converting souls to Christ and planting the only known church of Christ. God blessed our efforts and 17 souls were added to the church. We have since made two more trips and the church is planted and growing in Mongolia.

            How did we accomplish this endeavor? We came into contact with brother, Tom Langley, who is the president of the World English Institute (WEI). WEI has students enrolled in their online correspondence courses around the world. In Mongolia, there are currently 9,792 students of WEI; over half of the students reside in Ulaan Baatar, the capital of Mongolia. WEI sent out invitations to attend a reception and meet American teachers and have the opportunity to study one-on-one. On the night of the reception our time sheets for the next two weeks were completely filled with appointments to study God’s Word. What a blessing it is to be involved in the Lord’s work and taking the Gospel to the whole world!

            One of the challenges that we have had to face is after we leave the new Christians that they remain faithful. This can be a problem that is counterproductive to the very work we are doing. In order to address this potential problem, we utilize the internet; by way of Skype to continue teaching and grounding the new converts. Every single Lord’s Day, we conduct bible class and worship, plus additional studies throughout the week.

            Another challenge that we have had to face is raising the funds necessary to be able to go to these places to teach God’s Word. As you might expect, it can be rather expensive to travel across the world but, “What is the value of a soul?” For each trip it costs roughly $4000.

            The plan is to work full time participating in this work and prayerfully make 6 trips to different locations in the next year. In addition to this, I am also trying to raise support for my family that I may continue to submit myself completely to the Lords work. As a 2001 graduate of Bear Valley, I have over 17 years’ experience as a preacher in the Lord’s church. I have worked predominantly with congregations stateside that are considered to be in the “mission field”, as well as new church plants. My desire is to take the Gospel of Christ to the entire world and win as many souls as possible.           

             Please consider helping to take the gospel to those places where there is no known church of Christ. If you would like to participate in this work, checks can be sent to me at the above address or to my sponsoring congregation at 3rd Avenue church of Christ, 2756 3rd Ave. Council Bluffs, IA 51501. Perhaps you would like to hear more about this work, you can contact me with any questions or I would love to come and tell you more about this work. Any questions please do not hesitate to ask. 

            Thank you for putting your confidence in me and for all you have done and are doing to take the gospel to the world. 


In His Service,


Adam C. Dollen